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Ref. CR-2004
Ciudad Real
353 m² 5 322 m²
Ref. LE-2008
464 m² 7 700 m²
Ref. L-2012
900 m² 10 98.715 m²
Ref. V-2006
257 m² 4 117 m²
To be reformed
Ref. BA-2009
490 m² 8 1.500 m²
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Ref. VA-2001
316 m² 5 1.051 m²
Ref. Z-2005
108 m² 3 234 m²
Ref. P-2002
400 m² 3 1.000 m²
Ideal Telework
Ref. CR-2002
Ciudad Real
403 m² 4 312 m²
Ref. BU-2005
253 m² 2 631 m²
Ref. BA-2007
140 m² 1 21.378 m²
Ref. AV-2005
503 m² 7 5.178 m²
Tourist License
Ref. L-2008
600 m² 11 130.000 m²
Ref. AV-2004
226 m² 5 58 m²
Ref. BA-2003
138 m² 4 9.444 m²
Ref. TE-2007
314 m² 5 500 m²
Ref. LE-2003
526 m² 3 1.000 m²
Ref. GV-2001
100 m² 4 2.000.000 m²
Sole agency
Ref. GE-2001-D
4.700 m²
Sole agency
Ref. B-2003-D
500 m² 14

Buy village houses

From our extensive catalogue with interesting offers for selling and buying village houses we can assume that they are a special type of urban-rural housing, which is characterized by being terraced or between terraces and being located in a small town. These types of houses are highly sought after mainly because of the tranquillity they offer and their charm, being located in rural areas and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
The construction materials of the village houses have been evolving throughout history, and the different materials mainly depended on the location of the house. Thus, in the mountainous areas, the homes were built mainly with untreated stone and were joined with mud where later lime and more recently cement were introduced. The roofs were mainly gabled and with Arab tiles in the south of Spain and in the north more slate was used with more sloping roofs with a framework of exposed beams.
Normally the town houses for sale that we have have have the main facade facing south and the floor plan was no higher than 5 metres with a patio or garden at the back. The distribution of this type of home depended a lot on each case and the needs of the family who lived there, but the most normal was to leave the lower part for agricultural work and in the case of the first floor, for daily housing use. In some, a third floor was available and used as a barn. Where to buy a village house... The vast majority have been converted into second-hand residences, holiday homes or rural houses more relegated to the weekends. Casasdepueblo.net has a large selection of houses for sale.
From small to large, new, to be reformed or rehabilitated, in buildings for sale with offers all over Spain and with an important disparity of constructed meters and surfaces. If you are interested in buying a village house, you are in the right place. And if you want to know, where to sell the house... All our team is formed by professionals who will advise you during the whole process of buying and selling. We are experts in the real estate market! 

From our real estate agency we also have other services that can be of help to our clients. Throughout our professional trajectory we have found that many of our properties that we have for sale need a rehabilitation or reform before the portfolio of second hand properties, this tessitura has taken to us to provide services as much of maintenance of houses, gardens or parcels, like of rehabilitation of houses with the best qualities that we have been practicing during more than 10 years of experience.
Other of the services that we emphasize is the rehabilitation of properties, the appraisals of properties or the works of decoration by means of reputed decorators at national level. And we do not stay here yet, since thanks to our architects we can build new works on a land that you have acquired or acquire with us so that you can have the single-family home of your dreams without our client having to worry about anything, since the projects and administrative procedures will also be in our charge by the hand of the best professionals, confirming that we provide very competitive prices in the construction of new homes.
Village homes for sale
From the portal we work for all Spain, but because of our proximity we have a wide range of properties for sale with a varied range of prices and offers in the area of Anoia, Alt Camp, Alt Empordà, Alt Penedès, Alta Ribagorça, Alt Urgell, Bages, Baix Camp, Baix Ebre, Baix Empordà, Baix Llobregat, Baix Penedès, Barcelonès, Berguedà, Cerdanya, Les Garrigues, Conca de Barberà, Garraf, Garrotxa, Gironès, Montseny , Moianès, Maresme, Montsià, Noguera, Osona, Pallars Jussà, Pallars Sobirà, Pla de l'Estany, Pla d'Urgell, Priorat, Ripollès, Ribera d'Ebre, I do not know Segarra, Segrià, Selva, Solsonès, Tarragonès, Terra Alta, Urgell, Val d'Aran (Vall d'Aran), Vallès Occidental, Vallès Oriental.
It is necessary to consider that the price of the houses of town by its typology normally is superior to the floors, premises or offices if we speak of the same population. They are properties that correspond to an entire building, which have their own garden with a suitable plot and patio, a good terrace, a fireplace, in most cases private garages with large spaces and located in the centre of the town in a more or less wide street, and from the perspective of rural tourism have a much higher rental rate than the typical flats, so they are a good economic investment that we can also obtain benefits in the long run. They are all advantages over the traditional flat if we are looking for a rural and relaxing atmosphere. 
We must also consider that the distributions in most cases allow to have more bedrooms, several bathrooms and even in some townhouses or villas we find different floors, fully equipped with furniture and independent with their own kitchen that are very profitable to rent if the owner requires it with reference to the flats. In short, it is a good option to buy to live comfortably in a mountain village.
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